'Hacksaw Ridge' Deleted Scene: Watch Andrew Garfield Woo Teresa Palmer (Exclusive)

Since it opened, director Mel Gibson has insisted that his Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge is a “love film, not a war film.” The movie’s battle scenes are such a key ingredient and so relentlessly intense, though, that we’ll respectfully disagree.

But that’s not to say there isn’t any love story. It’s in plain sight in the film’s much tamer first act, in which future WWII war hero Desmond Doss vies for the affection of the nurse Dorothy (Teresa Palmer).

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Turns out there was even more to their courtship, as revealed in an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray and DVD’s bonus features (watch above). In the scene, Desmond just wants some sugar from his sweetheart, but it ain’t happening. Not “in front of everybody,” anyway. “Everybody” includes Desmond’s mother and the pastor.

Hacksaw Ridge, which earned six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director (Gibson), and Best Actor (Garfield), hits Blu-ray on Tuesday.

Watch Garfield talk about his two new faith-based films:

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