Ruth Wilson Didn't Get a Role Once Because a Producer Said Her Face Looked Too Weird Next to Eddie Redmayne's Face

On The Graham Norton Show, The Affair star Ruth Wilson told Norton and her fellow guests Tom Hiddleston, Ricky Gervais, and Tinie Tempah how she was once told that her face and Eddie Redmayne’s face don’t quite work together.

Eddie Redmayne and Ruth Wilson (Photo: BBC)

“There was a point at which I was almost going to be cast in something with him,” Wilson recounted. “We both have extraordinary-looking faces, so they thought we were too weird looking next to each other onscreen. That’s what I was told by the producer.”
When Norton put up a picture of Redmayne next to Wilson, Tempah quipped, “You look a bit related.” “It might be that, it might’ve been that, actually,” Wilson agreed. “It might’ve looked incestuous.”

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